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Since its inception, Supreme Genesis Investments Ltd. has proven itself to be one of the best in the real estate/construction industry. Our team of carefully selected professionals are trained to carry out their duties with speed, excellence and most importantly, a client-centred approach. Our key clients comprise of high profile organisations including the Agricultural Development Bank and Petrobay Oil Ltd. as well as individuals who across the spectrum of the local and international market. These organisations are well-known for their exacting standards and their continual partnership is evidence of their trust in Supreme Genesis Investments Ltd.’s quality. A tour of our maiden estate, Supreme City at Oyibi which hosts the National Best Farmer 2010 (1st Prize Winner) house will easily confirm this. Read More

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House Listing

4 Bed Room (Type A)

Price: $250,000.00
Location: Oyibi

Three Bed Room (Type A)

Price: $130,000.00
Location: Oyibi

Three Bed Room (Type B)

Price: $150,000.00
Location: Oyibi

Two Bed Room Expandable (Type B)

Price: $115,000.00
Location: Oyibi

Two Bed Room Semi-Detached (B)

Price: $70,000.00
Location: Oyibi

News and Updates

Video on Manchie Land SELLING @ GH10,000 outright
Short video on the Manchie land SELLING @ GH10,000 outright
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